OpenXC Accessories


The OpenXC Accessories are a line of hardware accessories intended to augment the Vehicle Interface (VI) and communicate with other entities. The benefit of the Accessory Platform is that all accessories share a common base (or motherboard) and new features are added by modifying or designing a new daughter card (mPCIe connector).

The base board contains an Atmel SAMA5 (Cortex-A5) running embedded Linux. All accessory functions are coded in Python. Interfaces include SD card slot, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (a.k.a Bluetooth Smart), USB OTG, and WiFi. A debug serial port is available.

The first in the line of accessories is a 3G Modem to enable sharing of vehicle data directly with the cloud, OTA updates to the Modem configuration, and still allows use of the Enabler app.

The second accessory is the V2X device. The OpenXC-V2X device can act as a modem, which connects to the VI device or a phone, and shares OpenXC data via WiFi or 802.11p (in RSU mode).


Copyright (c) 2015 Ford Motor Company

Licensed under the BSD license.

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